RUSAFRIKA and SALVEO Group sign a partnership agreement for Ivory Coast and Morocco.

JUNE 2016: RUSAFRIKA and SALVEO signed a partnership agreement enabling new synergies across their respective skills and locations.

This agreement will allow RUSAFRIKA to benefit from SALVEO’s expertise and local offices in Africa, in particular Ivory Coast and Morocco, to develop the business of its Russian client companies (KTZ, KAMAZ, etc.).

SALVEO will conduct an exclusive representation mission on behalf of RUSAFRIKA, whose clients will benefit from SALVEO’s extensive experience in the concerned countries.


RUSAFRIKA is the first business platform dedicated to the development of Russian companies in Africa. It integrates in particular the more than 50 years’ experience acquired by CIFAL, its main shareholder, in supporting large industrial firms and setting up and financing projects in Eurasia.

RUSAFRIKA’s network of experts and local operational support in some 15 African countries enables Russian industrial firms to develop their business presence and plan investment and acquisition projects. In addition, RUSAFRIKA offers financing solutions tailored to local conditions and ensures after-sales and maintenance of Russian-made capital equipment.

SALVEO Group – a subsidiary of ADIT Group – is the European leader in international economic intelligence and operational support. SALVEO has three subsidiaries and 12 representation offices in Africa dedicated to European clients and local entrepreneurs.