General director of the French company CIFAL Jürgen Krahn: „There is no doubt that the TAPI project will come to fruition“.

The pro-government Turkmenportal published an interview with the general director of the French company CIFAL SA Jürgen Krahn. Answering a question about the construction of the TAPI gas pipeline and the problems of its construction through Afghanistan, J. Krahn agreed that “the situation there is not simple. But unlike Europeans, Turkmenistan understands what the process is about.” Turkmenistan helps Afghanistan by “practically free” supplies of electricity and liquefied gas. CIFAL task is to attract European business to Turkmenistan, which has a stable market and new investment projects are implemented every year. The European companies operating in Turkmenistan are almost all satisfied and they want to keep working there. The temporary problems with payment of (foreign companies’) bills will be solved in Turkmenistan, and no company leaves because of such problems. Turkmenistan is a stable partner and all companies are aware that even if there are small problems, they are immediately solved.

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