Turkmenistan : CIFAL invited to first International fair of cotton products in Turkmenistan.

December 6, 2011

The Turkmen national press agency (TDH) reports that CIFAL was a guest at the first International fair of cotton products of Turkmenistan. The event brought together dealers, certification agencies and trade organizations from more than 20 countries: Paul  Reinhart, ECOM (Switzerland), OLAM (Singapore), Toyoshima (Japan), Otto Stadtlander (Germany), Xinjiang Yinlong (China), International Cotton Association, Cotton Outlook (Great Britain), etc. At the fair, CIFAL resumed its discussions with Turkmenpagta, the Turkmen agency in charge of cotton exports. Jürgen Krahn, Executive Vice President of CIFAL, spoke at the closing conference.

The Turkmen President Gourbangouly Berdimoukhamedov stated that the fair will help open the Turkmen cotton industry to international technologies, which will boost the production volumes and yield levels.

In October 2011, Gilles Rémy, CEO of CIFAL, was given a special hearing with the Turkmen President where he presented 10 proposals for better promoting Turkmen cotton on the world markets.