Russia : Management of human resources, MPH-CIFAL RUS (MCR) is up and running.

The Moscow management office is getting strengthened with the arrival of two high-profile executives.

To help drive its development, MCR has just incorporated two renowned experts from the Russian human resources market : Evelina Balunova who joins MCR in the role of Business Development Director and Michael Minyazev as Recruitment Manager.

MPH-CIFAL RUS is a Russian joint venture set up between the companies MPH and CIFAL. It offers a complete range of human resources management services: recruitment of both local and expatriate staff, administrative and legal associated services, technical assistance, logistics support for local and expatriate staff. MCR works with major companies in the oil and gas, mining, construction and transportation industries.

MPH-CIFAL RUS benefits fromthe know-how & experience of its two stockholders, MPH GROUPE and CIFAL. MPH, which has been delivering technical assistance for 25 years, has today a team of more than 800 individuals in over 30 countries, notably within most major oil firms. CIFAL, which has operated in Russia for more than 60 years, is a French company specializing in international trade, industrial and business services in the energy and infrastructure related sectors in Eurasia.