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Gilles Rémy
Jürgen Krahn
Executive Vice President of CIFAL Groupe
Chief Executive Officer of CIFAL SA
Manager of CIFAL Groupe Deutschland GmbH
Member of CIFAL Groupe Executive Board

Jürgen Krahn, age 61, Executive Vice President of CIFAL Groupe, CEO of CIFAL SA and Manager of CIFAL Groupe Deutschland GmbH.

Graduate of the Moscow Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

He was a diplomat in the commerce department of the German Embassy in Paris and a consultant for several consulting firms before joining CIFAL in 1990.

Speaks German, French, Russian and English.

Business support: CIFAL’s core business

188, rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris
Tel.: (+33) 1 44 50 55 70
Contact :
Jürgen Krahn

Jürgen Krahn
« CIFAL staff in every country where we are based are commercial players on the ground who are able to transform an idea into a plan, and then a completed project, by building the necessary partnerships. »
Jürgen Krahn
Operational business support is CIFAL’s core business. This activity, coordinated by CIFAL SA from its Paris headquarters, is conducted in all countries where the Group operates.
Business support covers a wide range of services:

  • Market research and monitoring,
  • Project identification,
  • Financial engineering,
  • Sales support,
  • Industrial representation,
  • Sales agencies.

These services are tailored to CIFAL’s main business sectors:

  • energy (nuclear, oil and gas, renewable energies),
  • infrastructures (construction, water and transportation),
  • security and defense.


Along with its core business in commercial and industrial operational consulting and support, CIFAL has developed Corporate banking services dedicated to the specific needs of its clients.
These services include :

  • search and assessment of business and industrial partners,
  • consulting in establishing local new businesses,
  • merger & Acquisition advisory,
  • structuring of project financing scheme,
  • private aquity investment.