CIFAL, a pioneer of international trade in industry

Founded in 1946, CIFAL is the longest standing French international trade and services firm operating in Eurasia. CIFAL works in the energy, infrastructure, and agricultural sectors.

Cifal 1950-1980

1950… Destination USSR

Starting in the 1950’s, the Soviet Union sought Western technology and turnkey plants, in particular in the consumer goods industry. Over 30 years, CIFAL sold, delivered and installed dozens of plants across the Soviet Union. CIFAL was one of the very first Western companies to be accredited by Moscow. In the 1970’s, CIFAL initiated and supported collaboration between the Russian and French nuclear industries that continues to this day.

1991… Deployment to Central Asia and the Caspian region

CIFAL was the first French company to establish itself in the new States of the former USSR. CIFAL introduced, supported and collaborated with the largest French corporations: Bouygues, Cogema/Areva, Thomson/Thales, Elf/Total, and more. CIFAL became and remains the only Western trade and services firm established across the entire Central Asian/Caspian region.

Cifal dans les années 2000

2000… Geographic expansion and diversification into industrial services and project finance

In the 2000’s, CIFAL expanded its geographic scope through partnerships in China, the Middle East and Africa. CIFAL developed a wide range of technical and industrial services locally, making it a stakeholder at every stage of project development : identification, financing, and execution. To meet the needs of its European and Eurasian clients, CIFAL expanded its service range, strengthening its project finance expertise in collaboration with several Western, European, Asian and Middle Eastern investment funds and financial institutions.

Cifal à partir de 2020

2020… Reorganization and expanding partnerships

The pandemic and the war in Ukraine have drastically altered international trade and exchanges. Faced with border closures, the freezing of major cooperation projects and Western sanctions, CIFAL was restructured by streamlining its organization and forging new international partnerships in line with the growing importance of Asia and the Global South. Activities in Russia were transferred to local teams. Regardless of international developments, the CIFAL brand continues to be a reference in each of its host countries, as it has been for over 70 years : a guarantee of expertise, trust and success for its partners.