Conference of Gilles Remy – Pushkin Society – February 8, 2018

Gilles Remy, CEO of CIFAL, was the guest of the Pushkin Society on February 8, to give a conference on the economic relations between France and Russia seen by an entrepreneur. In front of a large public audience, Gilles Remy recalled the crucial role of CIFAL, for several decades, in the fields of oil and gas, nuclear and defense.

Despite the low level of bilateral trade, Russia remains for France a strategic partner in energy and aeronautics. The 2014 sanctions have weakened our positions, particularly in the defense, aeronautics and space sectors, which are more dependent on the political context than trade of our European competitors. Political blockages have also prevented cooperation in the nuclear field in the interest of both France and Russia. Gilles Remy was optimistic about a resumption of the bilateral relationship that should be illustrated with the participation of President Macron at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum in May.