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Jean Januard
Jean Januard
Managing Director of CIFAL Industrial Services (CIS)
Member of CIFAL Groupe’s Executive Board

Jean Januard, age 45, Managing Director of CIFAL Industrial Services (CIS), previously worked with Groupe CIFAL from 1996 a 2005, and joined back in 2015.

Graduated a Master’s Degree in Russian and Soviet studies from INALCO (Langues Orientales) in 1995 and earned a BA with honors at the Paris Sorbonne University in 1994.

Jean first worked with the Diplomatic Chancery of the French Embassy in Russia, then joined CIFAL for which he opened from scratch the Representative office in Baku, Azerbaijan. Jean developed CIFAL’s oil & gas service business in Central Asia and the Caspian region and eventually took part in the set-up of CEP, a hydrocarbon asset evaluation firm, mainly active in Russia and Kazakhstan. J. Januard then joined ION Geophysical Corp. as their Vice President for the Former Soviet Union, based in Moscow. From 2011 until the end of 2013, J. Januard led the global business development et international operations for 2 US-based technology companies. More recently, J. Januard was the CEO of LARGEO, a Russian geoscience data services company, active in the E&P industry. Jean was Member of the French Industrial Advisory Committee for almost 10 years and is now in charge of the oil & gas department of the Russian Business Council for the Middle East and Africa, headquartered in Dubai, UAE.

Speaks French, English and Russian.


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« Our industrial services business allows our clients and partners to enjoy a comprehensive approach -
from negotiations to the execution of an industrial project.»
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CIFAL’s technical and industrial service operations are managed by a dedicated subsidiary: Cifal Industrial Services (CIS) , based in Dubai. This provides CIS with the geographic position, infrastructures and means of communication that make Dubai the hub of economic and commercial trade for the Middle East, Central Asia, the Caspian region and the Indian subcontinent.CIS offers its clients services in emerging countries that meet the highest European standards. Managed by subsidiaries operating under local law, these activities are eligible for the “local content” required by the authorities of the concerned countries.

CIFAL, shareholder of AGS

Since 1999, CIFAL has been one of the reliable partner of the company AGS (Asia Gulf Services), based in Dubai. AGS specializes in trading, sales support and financial engineering in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
This partnership enables CIFAL to broaden its range of services, diversify its clients and partners, and expand its operational geographic coverage.