Cifal International Services in Eurasia

CIFAL International Services continues the international trade activities developed over almost 80 years by the companies of the group CIFAL.

The Covid pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict have led to a complete reorganization of the Group, which has preserved all its Eurasian operations.

Today, CIFAL focuses on its core businesses: sales support, industrial representation and project development in the industrial, agricultural and infrastructure sectors. Its financial engineering activity has been strengthened through partnerships with several local and international investment funds.

Due to the constraints resulting from the sanctions against Russia, all activities in this country have been transferred to its subsidiary CIFAL France Export (CFE), renamed "OOO CIFAL RUS", an entity incorporated under Russian law and entirely independent financially and legally.

In this difficult, unpredictable and unprecedented international context, now more than ever, the CIFAL brand represents a guarantee of security and efficiency for all our European and Eurasian partners.

Together, we are positioned to meet the new challenges of international trade in all countries where we operate.