Cifal en Ouzbékistan

CIFAL in Uzbekistan

CIS en Ouzbékistan

CIFAL has been established in Uzbekistan for over 20 years. Today, it is a leading diversified European company providing business representation and support in Uzbekistan. It enables the development of international projects in Central Asia's most populous country, which is experiencing rapid economic growth.

Partners and references

ILF (Allemagne)


When CIFAL first opened its representative office in Tashkent, in May 2000, it was a pioneering firm. Since then, it has developed its core business of providing operational business support through a variety of activities :

  • commercial and industrial representation of European companies,
  • financial engineering for industrial, agricultural and infrastructure projects,
  • market research and intelligence.

CIFAL's representative office in Uzbekistan also operates on the Tajik and Kyrgyz markets in partnership with local correspondents.